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TIGed Demo School


About School

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TIGed Demo School

This is a school created to showcase TIGed virtual classrooms and other TIGed projects.

This page, the school page, lists all the classrooms in your school, making it easy for visitors (teachers, students, parents and others) to navigate through your school's involvement in TIGed. Classes that are visible to the public will have a link to the virtual classroom space in the list below. Private classes - those accessible only to teachers and students registered in the class--will not.

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Title Author Created Type Class

Internship Testimonial

drabinova September 12th, 2010 Blog TIGed Team Lounge

Kathryn's Internship Testimonial

kewbarber September 2nd, 2010 Blog TIGed Team Lounge

Oil Consumption Response to Steve's Assignment

amandacembal August 31st, 2011 Blog Intern Lounge

Blog Demonstration Classroom
Teacher's Notes: Wow!


Title Class Initiated by Date Posts

Facilitating Discussions

Demonstration Classroom TIGedHelpDesk August 31st, 2011 1
Teacher's Notes: test

Facilitating Discussions

Spotlight TIGedHelpDesk August 31st, 2011 1
Teacher's Notes: Does today's date show up?

Class List

Name Year Description

Banjara School of Dance (private)

Primary / Elementary

Bellevue School Foundation

Secondary This classroom has been created for members and partners of the Bellevue School Foundation to explore the functionality of TIGed virtual classrooms.

demo1 (private)

Primary / Elementary . . .

Demonstration Classroom

Professional Development This classroom exists to give you a sense of what TIGed Virtual Classrooms have to offer. Please have a look around and feel free to play! The best way to learn about technology is by doing, so use this space as your playground! Post a blog entry, try out the assignment tool, or create a new...

DFA primary test

Primary / Elementary test

DFA Test

Primary / Elementary test

DFA test (private)

Primary / Elementary Test School - DFA

DFA Test 2

Secondary DFA test - secondary

Good Governance/Civic Participation (private)

Post-Secondary (College / University)

iEARN 2006

Secondary A class created for participants of the iEARN World Conference.

Intern Lounge (private)

Primary / Elementary This is a space for TIGed interns to familiarize themselves with the virtual classroom platform, to share information, and to get to know each other.

Language Demo

Primary / Elementary This classroom demonstrates the multilingual features of TIGed's virtual classroom platform.

LEC Lounge (2010-2011) (private)

Adult Education This is a space for the 2010-2011 Tread Lightly Language and Engagement Coordinators to connect, communicate, and share!

Maria's Classroom (private)

Secondary learn how to communicate through artistic mediums!

Mental Health

Primary / Elementary Mental Health demo

Ms. Amber's Virtual Class (private)

Primary / Elementary A virtual classroom to share work, accomplishments, teachings, thoughts, questions and resources. A place for peer teaching and support.

New Learning for Sustainability

Other Guiding learning about TIGed. Participants in the 'New Learning for Sustainability in the Arab Region' workshop will collaboratively explore some of the tools available by completing a series of assignments designed to guide learning about TIGed from the perspectives of both teacher and student.

SAMPLE CLASS (private)

Intermediate / Middle

sara hyders class (private)

Intermediate / Middle Test

Tania test (private)

Primary / Elementary

test (private)

Primary / Elementary fadadf

Test Class (private)

Intermediate / Middle health

Test Ottawa (private)


test room (private)

Intermediate / Middle Test class

testing testing 123 (private)

Adult Education happy monday!

testmh (private)

Primary / Elementary

The Disability, Sexuality and Rights Online Institute (private)

Professional Development

TIGed Workshop

Professional Development

tltest (private)

Primary / Elementary tl test

Tread Lightly Demo

Other Tread Lightly Demo Class!

Tread Lightly Workshop

Professional Development Demonstration class for Tread Lightly Workshop

ttc2 (private)

Primary / Elementary ,.,

Workshop 2 (private)

Primary / Elementary Test for content import