M2/2.4: Buy Back land in Borneo


Module 2: Reforestation This module is designed to help students evaluate why we need to restore rainforests. Students may produce action projects that will help raise awareness of how issues such as palm oil production contribute to global warming, habitat loss, destruction of species and other global problems.

Learning Objectives

To participate in the global deforestACTION fundraising objectives.

Learning Outcomes:

All students will participate in deforestACTION fundraising efforts.

Most students will be able to actively monitor the land protected through sophisticated satellite technology.

Some students will reflect upon the importance of rainforests and why it is important to protect them.


The DeforestAction project has been given an initial 46,771 hectares (115,000 acres) of land in Kalimantan (Indonesia) for their project by the Buparti government. This land, titled Sintang Lestari, contains is 20,000 acres of destroyed forest, that will be returned to a healthy forest, rich in biodiversity. The team actively establishing this project is led by Dr. Willie Smits, creator of the Samboja Lestari Reforestation Project in East Kalimantan.

For $20US you can protect 10 square meters of land in Borneo for 99 years, and your name will be listed on our World Wide Map. You will be able to view your protected forest each day, via high definition video cameras.

Consider having your class challenge the rest of the school and community to help raise funds for restoring forests in Borneo. You could even have a deforestACTION fundraising day. For inspiration and ideas join the DeforestACTION Headquarters.

The money will be used to protect virgin forests, grow back forests in Borneo, and house orphaned organguatans. You will receive a certificate with the coordinates of the land you are preserving.

VIRTUAL CLASSROOM: Take various photos and videos of your fundraising efforts and post them to the DeforestACTION collaboration space.

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