Example Assignment


In this assignment, participants will learn how to post an assignment that utilizes one of the classroom tools in the virtual classroom.


Click "post an assignment" on the upper right hand side of your screen. You will be taken to the edit view of the assignment tool. Post an assignment for a fellow educator to complete that relates to a global issue and incorporates the use of one classroom tool from the virtual classroom (i.e. Student Writing, Blogs, Gallery, etc. on the left hand side of your screen) and at least one element of the main TIG site (i.e. Global Issues, Games, Regions, etc.)

Example: In the Writing section of our class, post your response to the following questions: "Identify an organization whose work responds to a global issue that you are passionate about. What makes their work unique? How are they affecting positive change on a global or local level? If you were the Executive Director of this organization, what would you do? Use the "Global Issues" section on the main TIG site to inspire ideas about global issues, and research organizations in the "Organizations" sub-section of the "Resources" section of the site.

When you are completing the assignment of another educator, be sure to select the appropriate assignment from the dropdown menu of the virtual classroom tool you are using that reads: "This is for an assignment".

Learning Objectives

  • Become familiar with the features of the virtual classroom
  • Further explore the tools on the main TIG site
  • Reflect on global issues that matter to us

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