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Posted by Michael Furdyk on 11 Jun 2010

Welcome to your Tread Lightly virtual classroom!

You can use this space to:
• Enable your students to continue connecting and learning beyond their time at school.
• Connect your class with classes around the world in order to gain a global perspective.
• Help your students to develop their computer skills in a safe, teacher moderated environment.
• Invite guests to share their expertise about climate change and interrelated environmental issues.
• Share files, websites, photos, and videos related to your Tread Lightly work!

This space is pre-populated with content and resources. Feel free to keep what you want, remove what you don’t, and add more as you see fit!

If you require assistance using TIGed, you can drop into one of the weekly office hours advertised on the TIGed support page in order to ask questions or get a site tour in real-time, or send an email to The support page also provides video tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions.

Enjoy using this space to help your students become environmental stewards – today, and into the future!

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