Lesson 3.2: Looking back, looking forward



Having come to the end of the 40-Day Challenge, you are now ready to reassess your ecological footprints to see how much they have been able to green their habits and behaviours over the course of only a few weeks. It is important to take time to reflect on the knowledge gained, challenges encountered, and lessons learned as a result of participating in Tread Lightly. By the end of this lesson, you will be able to: * Appreciate the power that you have as an individual to contribute to a more sustainable world. * Determine how much you have reduced your environmental impact through the 40-Day Challenge. * Become more aware of the activities of young leaders in order to find sources of hope and inspiration for taking action on climate change. Assignment 1 1. Recalculate your ecological footprint using the online calculator, or the Ecological Footprint Quiz and compare their initial and final measurements. 2. Engage in the class discussion about your experience, either as one big group or in smaller groups. Respond to the following discussion questions: * Has your ecological footprint changed since the start of the 40-Day Challenge? Why or why not? * What values and attitudes stand in the way of a more sustainable future? * What obstacles did you face in completing the challenge and how did you overcome them? * Did you encourage others to change their habits and behaviours? How? * What are the characteristics of a climate hero? * Why is it important for young people to be stewards of the environment? Assignment 2 1. Research a climate hero. You can read the stories of climate heroes featured in Climate Change Youth Guide to Action, as a start to get an idea of how you might want to profile your climate hero. You can also go to the TIG Climate Change Issues page to look for organizations and people working on this issue. 2. Create a multimedia presentation to highlight their actions and achievements. 3. Upload your presentation to the class files. 4. Or, write an article about your climate hero and submit to the TIG zine, Panorama.

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