Lesson 2.1 Visualising Footprints



Each year, youth from around the world are invited to submit artwork to the Tread Lightly Imprints Art Contest. In this lesson, you will be given the opportunity to use your creativity to express a message about climate change through art. Assignment 1 1. Visit the Imprints Gallery for inspiration and for more information on contest rules. 2. Create an artwork that conveys a message about climate change and carbon footprints. Refer to the Imprints page for details on the contest themes. 3. Submit your work to the Imprints Art Contest. Or upload your artwork to the class gallery: 1. Go to 'Gallery' 2. Click on 'post artwork' 3. Click 'Browse' to find the file on your computer 4. Include the title, medium, language, and country. 5. The 'Category' is 'Environment.' 6. Add a brief statement about your artwork. Describe the concept of the artwork and how you chose to represent it. 7. Keep the default visibility. Assignment 2 1. Look through the publication TIG Magazine, Issue 3, "Culture, Identify and Climate Change". 2. Select one piece of writing or art work that you feel conveys a powerful message about climate change. Or, you can select one piece of art from the Imprints Gallery. 3. What message is the author or artist trying to convey? How did they convey that message? 4. Write a short 100-200 word response. Include the name of the artwork and the name of the artist in your response. 5. Upload your response to the student writing folder. Discussion Question What advice would you give to young artists who want to use artwork to encourage people to care about the environment? Post your response to the class discussions. Extensions 1. Write a post in the student blogs about what inspires you to create art. You can write about your favourite artists, or artworks, or any other sources of inspiration.

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