3.3 - Stepping Forward


Having learned about the causes of climate change and taken part in actions to reduce their ecological footprints, you are now ready to take your environmental initiatives beyond the classroom.


Take a moment to reflect on the qualities which stand out to you in a leader. Keeping these in mind, find a story about a young climate change hero – a young person who is taking action to address a local or global issue related to climate change - who inspires you. You can find stories through the My Hero project, or TIG's Member Stories.

For your climate change hero, identify:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Local challenges and issues
  • Global challenges and issues
  • How these problems related to climate change
  • How the youth addressed the problems
  • What help or resources they used

Share your youth hero story as a writing post in the classroom.

After reading some of these stories, reflect on what role young people have in the future of climate change and our world.
How can you become a climate change hero? Using the TIG 6-step action guide, think about and share your climate change project ideas with your peers using the discussion forum.

Learning Objectives